Where can I get your books?

Thanks for asking! It’s super easy, and there are a lot of ways you can get an e-book or printed copy.

First, check out Amazon.com. You can find Beyond the Shadows (book one) and SpellCast from Darkness (book two) in e-book and paperback form. Against the Coming Dark (book three) is available now in e-book and paperback formats, too! The choice is yours: read now or read in two days (with Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping)!

A Tale by Moonlight is new! Find it on Amazon.com and read it free through Kindle Unlimited or buy a digital copy. It’s also available in paperback!

Another option is to download an e-book from Barnes and Noble or through Apple Books! There are more merchants, too. Just visit https://books2read.com/u/38yv56.

Alternatively, I have some signed copies available through my website: www.greengryphonstore.com. Just look under the Books section!

Lastly, if you want a printed copy from a bookstore like Barnes and Noble or your local library, just ask them! They can order a copy on your behalf. The library often won’t know to have a copy of an indie author’s book unless someone comes looking for it, so by all means, ask!

Thanks for reading!


Meet the Characters: Queen of the High Seas

What can I say? I love creating and fleshing out new characters for my books. It’s funny because my first couple of books didn’t have many characters. There were precisely five – FIVE – in the first book. Either I was afraid of getting lost in the sauce and being unable to keep up with them, or I wasn’t smart enough to think bigger. Regardless, by book three, I had added ten brand new characters, and the list has been growing.

In my latest book, Queen of the High Seas, there are a female main character and a male main character: the Printesa Cailean of Wyster and the Pirate King Merrick Stoneheart, respectively. However, they each have both a tovaras (companion/guardian) and a first mate. They also each have “family”. The Printesa has her steadfast parents, the Rege and Regina of Wyster, while Merrick has a revolving door of people in and out of his life from a young age. And most, if not all, of these people have their own tovaras. After all, this fantasy world is a BIG WORLD.

But let’s start with the Printesa. From the time she is born, she is feisty, talented, and intelligent, not to mention beautiful. As an adult, she has terrifically long red-gold hair, bright green eyes, pale skin, and an athletic frame. She has been raised with scholars, sorcerers, and swordsman at her disposal, learning and training to become skilled in just about everything she can get her hands on and anything her father indulges her in. She also dreams of becoming a pirate, of having the freedom of the open ocean, with waves at her feet and a sword in her hand. This is why she balks at discovering true love with a kiss. No, she believes true love can be found at the end of a sword and insists on being bested in combat.

Across the world, Merrick Stoneheart is born into a large and loving family. He inherits his parent’s mahogany hair and amber-colored eyes, as well as their spirit and vigor. He, too, dreams of being a pirate. However, while still a young child, his family is killed in a bombing by the Imparat (Emperor) of another continent. His surviving sister disowns him, and he’s left to survive on the streets. His family had taught him to read and write, to treat women as ladies; yet the streets instill in him survival instincts and how to get by on very little. Around the age of 13, he decides to pursue his childhood dream and through unique circumstances, finds himself on one of the most infamous of all pirate ships. They become his new family, providing him with all manner of instruction and life lessons that lend to his eventually becoming the Pirate King.

The Printesa has a tovaras named Declan, an Irish Wolfhound. He is friendly, sympathetic, encouraging, and helpful. He believes in her and supports her, no matter what, with an unfailing loyalty she deeply values.

Merrick has a tovaras named Ono, a Great White Pelican. A sage advisor, he is known to have a delightful sense of humor as well. He has been through travels and battles with Merrick, seen him at his lowest and yet continues to provide him guidance much as a family elder would do. He, too, is loyal to his charge, leaving love behind in favor of his bonded one.

As I wrote earlier, the main characters each have a first mate. The Printesa has Atarangi, a fierce little woman from the southern islands who is skilled in piracy. She couldn’t believe her luck in finding a strong woman to be her captain. Merrick’s first mate is named Stian, and they have known each other ever since Merrick first found him as a babe on the streets of the High City. He is humorous, dedicated, and considers Merrick to be like an older brother to him.

The Rege Lutrell and Regina Gabriella of Wyster are as royal as their names. He is from the north, with red hair and green eyes, while his wife is from the central part of the continent, with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Where Rege Lutrell can be stern and commanding, his wife balances him in her softness and amenability. But don’t let that fool you. They both know how to lead a country and not flinch in the face of defeat.

Vrajitor Tanlen is a loyal sorcerer who devotes himself to training the Printesa in core magic. But it was far from his choice to do so, and it is his resistance that causes trouble.

The Red Sea Hag is a gorgeous and lethal pirate who takes in Merrick when he comes aboard her ship as a young man. With long, vibrant red hair, blue-green eyes, and a face that could have been sculpted, she is a true beauty to behold; however, she is also fierce and the greatest pirate to ever sail the five seas. She bestows all of her knowledge to young Merrick, molding him into the formidable Pirate King.

There are other characters, too, such as:

  • Velana, the first mate to the Red Sea Hag.
  • Marina, a member of the pirate crew.
  • Yarma St. Von, the doctor.
  • and of course, the Imparat himself…

To learn how all of these characters come together, just pick up a copy of my book, Queen of the High Seas. Its currently available on Amazon in e-Book and paperback formats, with an amazing audio book version read by the supremely talented Emily Coates coming soon!

Queen of the High Seas

I’ve been busy. With what, you ask? With writing! Nearly one week after I finished writing Folklore: The Beginning, I got it my head to write a fantasy book. I came up with an idea that fully fleshed out into the book I named Queen of the High Seas.

There was one key thing I did differently in this book, too. I wrote from a 3rd person POV, with four main parts to the book:

Part One – The Printesa (focuses on the princess from birth until she meets…)

Part Two – The Pirate King (focuses on the pirate king from birth until he meets her.)

Part Three – The High Seas (focuses on how the princess and pirate king meet and fall in love)

Part Four – The Imparat (focuses on how they tackle the emperor)

Here is the blurb from the back of the book:

The Rege and Regina of Wyster have a daughter, Printesa Cailean, and she’s about to turn 16. But a hex from a Copacverde sorcerer has promised to put her permanently in a deep sleep unless she finds true love. Determined not to let this happen, they put her in a colossal tower, where her love has to reach her and kiss her to wake her up.

However, her long-standing nature as a feisty, fiery sword-wielder leaves her wanting more than a kiss to find true love. She challenges them to combat, and inevitably, each of the challengers fail. She then goes back to sleep. But after spending over 11 years in the tower, at age 27 she sets out on her own to become what she always dreamed of – a pirate. 

Now she’s sailing the high seas with her guardian, Declan at her side and her first mate, Atarangi. They’ve encountered the most ferocious and lethal of all pirates, the Pirate King Merrick. He’s immediately taken with Printesa Cailean and wants her for his own. Will he be able to best her in combat and win her heart?

As it stands the book is going live on Amazon.com today. You can easily find it and my other books by searching for my name “Shanna Robillard”. If you love castles, pirates, and adventure, you’re sure to enjoy my magical new book, Queen of the High Seas!

NEW! Audiobooks!

In the midst of all my creativity, I’ve been hearing that some of you prefer books in audio format.

No problem!

I’ve been working with a cadre of narrators on ACX.com to create audio versions of all of my books just for you! As of today, my first novel, Beyond the Shadows (a paranormal romance with vampires) has been released on Audible for 1 credit or $19.95. It’s approximately 5.5 hours long, and my narrator, Kathy Handrock, is amazing.

Kathy will also be reading the 2nd and 3rd books in the series, coming soon!

I also have my other novels coming soon, too. A Tale by Moonlight and The Seven Lives of May Levesque are being read by Julia Stier, and Folklore: The Beginning is being ready by Joaquin Humberto Reyes.

To get your copy of Beyond the Shadows on Audible, visit https://www.audible.com/pd/B0BSB48F4Q/?source_code=AUDFPWS0223189MWT-BK-ACX0-336919&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_336919_rh_us


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