It’s a Start!

I wanted to share the start of my newest story with you. I’ll be sharing some other tidbits as time goes on until its finished and published. The title is tentative, but for right now, I’m calling it “A Tale by Moonlight”. Tell me what you think in the comments!


“Where did you hear about them?”


“Where did you find them?”

“Who? The band?”

“Yeah. Their sound is amazing!” 

The band lyrics enveloped me:

The stage is closing in,

It’s time to escape…

Come with me now, my friend,

Let us choose our fate…

Alec Ronan laughed. “I found them at a local bar. You really like them? I’m thinking of using them for the festival.”

I turned and looked up at Alec, smiling big so he could see my excitement. “That would be a fantastic idea! You should do it!” I had to shout over the music so my friend could hear me.



He smiled in response, and we turned our attention back to the band, Awaking the Misery. Metal, hard rock, synthwave, pop – there were so many great sounds coming from the musicians on stage. I swayed to the music, my body finding it easy to tune into. The deep bass and guitar riffs penetrated my ears and poured through into my soul. I let myself drown in the beats.

I also let myself get an eyeful of the bass player. He was tall, well over six-feet in height, and towered over the other band members. His raven black hair was shaved on the sides, long on top and pulled back into a ponytail, reminding me of a Viking. At one point, I would swear our eyes met, my hazel to his bright green. His features were chiseled, with a rugged chin bearing a cleft in it and his strong nose and cheekbones. He played the bass with finesse, his fingers moving up and down the fret with ease, nailing deep notes that made me twinge and pulsate. 

With his strong presence on stage and incredible good looks, I melted into a puddle where I stood next to Alec, and Alec noticed. He nudged me, and I looked up to meet his eyes.

“I can introduce you if you want.”

“Oh! No, no. I’m okay.”

“I doubt that. I see the way you’re ogling him.”

“I can’t help it!” I gestured outward. “Have you seen him?”

Alec laughed again. “I have. He’s not into me, Talia. But I’m sure he’d be into you.” His eyes twinkled.

I playfully shoved at Alec’s arm. “You already have someone. You don’t need another lover on your arm.”

“True. Not that I’d mind one bit.” Alec leaned in and spoke into my ear. “But seriously, Talia Morgen. You need to be more confident! You look amazing!” He pulled back and eyed me up and down. “You should meet this guy! Let me introduce you.” He stared at me expectantly. 

It was true that I was dishy-looking tonight. My long, dark blonde hair hung loose down my back except for the top half that I had pinned up. I had on a pair of skin-tight jeans, a solid black top with three-quarter butterfly sleeves that lightly draped my arms, and a pair of black combat boots. Despite being a chubby girl, I knew how to dress to accentuate my curves and minimize the areas I didn’t want seen. I’d thrown on some smokey eye shadow before coming to the club but downplayed my lipstick to a muted rosy color. Hammered silver hoops hung at my ears with a matching torc necklace.

I felt Alec’s sincerity as his dark brown eyes gazed into mine, but I shook it off. He was right, I should be more confident, but I wasn’t. Not by a long shot, and the bass player looked like the longest shot this side of a sniper rifle.

“Maybe another time, Alec. Let me work up the courage to put myself out there.”

“So be it. But trust me, you’re going to miss something huge one day if you don’t act on impulse just once in your life.”

“Says you, who has eons of time to take chances.” 

“I can’t help that I’m a vampire, witch!”

“It’s bitch tonight, Alec. And I’ll work on it, I promise.” I smiled at him affectionately. The big brother I never had, he was always looking out for me and trying to get me to have a million different happy endings. I loved him for that.

Alec squeezed my arm and turned his attention back to the stage. I watched him for a minute before refocusing on the attractive musician. I wondered what his voice sounded like? What did he listen to when he wasn’t playing in the band? What would his fingers feel like on my skin? I shivered in anticipation of finding out one day and hoped Alec didn’t notice.

We continued to watch the band play through the night.


Published by Shanna Robillard

Wife to a northern man, mother to a four-legged beastie, and a lover of crystals and gems, vampires, fantasy, and creating stories! Shanna Robillard is the author of Beyond the Shadows, SpellCast from Darkness, and Against the Coming Dark (the Beyond the Shadows trilogy), as well as A Tale by Moonlight and The Seven Lives of May Levesque.

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