A Tale by Moonlight: Chapter Three

In the dim light of the entryway to Beulah’s apartment, I had run into him. The bane of my existence. The scourge of my life’s blood.

A Tale by Moonlight: Chapter One

Jack Soroka was being led around the faire grounds by a vampire. His mother would probably roll over in her grave if she knew he was friends with one. Alec Ronan was a great guy, despite being a bloodsucker. It was actually to be expected that they would get along, even though their worlds wereContinue reading “A Tale by Moonlight: Chapter One”

Against the Coming Dark – Chapter One: Cressida, Part 3

Tightening her grip in the model’s hair, she wrenched their head back and dove into the model’s neck, tearing olive skin open and drinking the sweet and spicy nectar.