Read this before that…

Otherwise you might get a little mish-mashed while reading!

SpellCast from Darkness: Coming Soon!

The SpellCasters showed up on a Thursday, and they were ready for war. Michael Hawkins and Cecelia “Celie” Moore were living in bliss until a historic feud showed up on their doorstep. The SpellCasters had spent centuries wiping out vampires, and now they had Michael and Celie in their crosshairs. What began as a longContinue reading “SpellCast from Darkness: Coming Soon!”

That’s one crazy contortionist hunchback!

Enjoy an excerpt from my book, and read about my main character’s encounter with something clearly not of this world… He showed up just to the side of me as I was turning the opposite direction. His arms wrapped around me, not just once, but twice, lifting me off the ground and squeezing like aContinue reading “That’s one crazy contortionist hunchback!”